b. 1991 -

Maximilian Daniels (b. 1991) is an emerging Australian Artist living and working in Sydney, NSW. Daniels’ completed his artistic training at UNSW ART & Design in Sydney, where he finalised a double degree, one being his Bachelor of Arts in painting and drawing. His practice is an ongoing investigation into abstract painting and techniques used to construct an abstract image. His practice involves and interrogates traditional notions of observation, representation and technique.

Install Image from Sydney Contemporary 2018

Maximilian Daniels’ draws upon the repeated processes and materiality of painting; mixing of colour, composition of the painting ground, layering of surface, and the application of the mark to develop visual observations of the action of painting itself. Through repeating techniques used in his practice Daniels creates work that examines colour and its relation to gesture and materiality in painting. By sequentially layering colour, Daniels creates delicate complex surfaces that emerge over time and examine the subtleties of colour. Each layer of material, primer and paint is visible as part of the superficial surface of the final image. The result is an image that holds both depth and flatness, and its own form of “temporal perspective”.

Install Image from Variants courtesy @docqment

The inherent materiality of Maximilian Daniels’ work challenges and deconstructs commonly accepted notions of what constitutes an image. Although very much informed by the process of observation and representation, the final image is devoid of all figurative imagery. Through using each process and material as both subject and substance for creating the image, Daniels elucidates a novel approach to the ‘image’ and the painting process.

View the online exhibition catalogue/s:
A Shadow on the Glass (solo exhibition), 31 May – 16 June 2018
Heatwave (group exhibition) – 28 November – 23 December 2017
(Solo Exhibition), 
15 – 25 March 2016
Scalene (Group Exhibition),10 – 24 March 2016

From left to right: Maximilian Daniels, Dark evening, Autumn Day & Afternoon light (2018), oil on canvas, 80 x 65cm


2018 Piermarq booth, Sydney Contemporary, group exhibition, Carriageworks, Sydney

2018  A Shadow on the Glass solo exhibition at Piermarq, Paddington
2017  Heatwave Group exhibition at Piermarq, Paddington
2017 Variants Solo Show at Piermarq, Paddington
2016 Reveal Mitchell Fine Art, Brisbane
2016 Scalene Group Exhibition Piermarq, Paddington
2015 Deconstructing Solo Show at Piermarq, Pyrmont
2014 COFA Annual Exhibition, Group Exhibition, UNSW Gallery, Sydney
2013 Spatial Investigations Group Exhibition, Kudos Gallery, Paddington


2012 Bachelor of Fine Art (Painting)/Bachelor Fine Arts Education, College of Fine Arts (UNSW), Sydney


2014 Jenny Birt Painting Prize, Black Box, Paddington, Sydney (Finalist)
2014 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize, Juniper Hall, Sydney (Semi-finalist)
2014 Kudos Emerging Artist Award, Kudos Gallery, Sydney (Finalist)
2014 William Fletcher Tertiary Grant, William Fletcher Foundation


2016  House & Garden magazine, September 2016
2015 Showcase, Art Edit Magazine, December
2015 Artist Profile magazine

Would you like to view artworks by Maximilian Daniels? Feel free to contact us at 02 9660 7799 or [email protected]

Maximilian Daniels, Nightfall (2018), oil on canvas, 153 x 153cm
Maximilian Daniels, Rain Shimmer (2018), Oil on canvas, 80 x 65cm
Maximilian Daniels, Bright Sky (2018), Oil on canvas, 80 x 65cm
Maximilian Daniels, Dawn Hue (2018), Oil on canvas, 80 x 65cm
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