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Rachael McCully-Kerwick (b. 1982) is an abstract painter from Melbourne whose works are characterised by the use of bold shapes, balanced compositions and often muted colour palettes. Completing a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts in 2005, Rachael trialled different creative mediums over the years before returning to the brush, but one element that has always been central to her work is her quest for creating harmonious compositions. McCully-Kerwick currently has her work on display in the Louis Vuitton flagship store, Sydney CBD.


Ode To Friendship, 2019, oil & acrylic on canvas, 100 x 180cm


“I’ve always been obsessive about creating balance. For me the biggest joy in creating a piece is solving the puzzle of the composition; starting with a mark, a shape, a colour, and seeing how the relationships change and evolve with each additional element… Agonising over a piece not working, just waiting for that moment of intuition where you suddenly know a tiny lime green dot is the key. I get a big kick out of the problem-solving process.”

Her use of colour and simple, pared back forms tend to create a sense of calm in the viewer, which is the desired effect for the artist.

“My own mind is always so busy, racing and jumping from thought to thought. Sometimes the constant stimulation of digital screens, combined with everyday noise and stressors, is just too much and I need to give my mind room to breathe and be still. The compositions I create are for me a sweet relief for my anxious mind, and I think this resonates with viewers too.”


LV #3 (2018), acrylic on canvas, 76.5 x 61cm


‘Inhabitants’, a group show featuring Rachael McCully-Kerwick, Hayden Jackson & Brock Q. Piper, runs from 9th February – 23rd February 2019. Opening night: Saturday, 9th February, 6-8pm.



2019 Inhabitants, Piermarq, Sydney (group)

2018  Spring Time – group exhibition at RVCA, Melbourne (October 2018)
2018  Louis Vuitton pop-up store, Sydney (September through 2019)
2018  Marching through the fields – group exhibition at Warbling Collective, London
2018  Presence – group exhibition at Comber Street Studios, Sydney
2017  Origins – group exhibition at Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne



2005  Bachelor of Contemporary Arts, Deakin University



2018  Real Livingmagazine (Australia)
2018  Inside Outmagazine (Australia)
2018  Lula magazine (Japan) – Issue #8 ‘Yellow’
2018  Gael magazine (Belgium)

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Rachael McCully-Kerwick
Rachael McCully-Kerwick, Absent Mim and Hollyhocks, 2018, oil, enamel & acrylic on canvas, 75 x 60cm
Rachael McCully-Kerwick, Welcome To The Suburbs, 2019, oil & acrylic on canvas, 75 x 60cm
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