PIPER, BROCK Q. Australian, b. 1985

Brock Q. Piper currently lives and works in Melbourne, VIC. Growing up on a farm nestled in the valleys of the snowy mountains, he was taught oil painting by his grandmother at age four. Piper's work is a personal reflection of his life experiences, aimed at discovering truth through an exploration of time, death, shamanism and nature. 


"My creative process is of evolving observation; of looking and experiencing before I begin to create. This is a process that has had it’s downfalls in the past, as I am driven, above all else, by a curiosity of excess and experiences, both good and bad. As I paint, I will deliberately set out to make an ‘ugly’ picture. I then seek to bring out the awkward beauty within this in a process of reformation, as I find usually the most horrifying things are told in the most beautiful of ways. I enjoy provoking movement from static, awkwardly placed figuration, in the depiction of time and space. A visual diary of encrypted language played out in the corrugations of brushstrokes. I look to find balance in composition and colour vibrations, allowing the work to evolve in a fluid way, rather than being confined by a final concept. To capture life with as little intervention as possible”

 - Brock Q. Piper