20 – 24 January 2016

Art Palm Beach was exhibited from 20-24 January 2016 and featured modern and contemporary art. More than 30 paintings, some of them more than 3 and 4 meters long, were shipped to Florida to be presented to the international audience. Piermarq presented the largest exhibition of Western Desert paintings ever curated at a US art fair by an Australian gallery.

The show has proven a huge success. With works by Aboriginal artist Tommy Watson featured in magazines included in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times, Piermarq is very excited to be the first Australian gallery to be exhibiting at this international art fair.

Art Palm Beach director Lee Ann Lester, who has organised more than 80 major international fairs in the US and Asia, recognises the importance of Australian indigenous painting on the international stage: 
 “We had a very prominent Palm Beach collector, John Kluge, once the wealthiest man in America who was an avid collector of Aboriginal Art. He died in 2010 but left a lasting legacy donating part of his $6.5 billion wealth of which US$400 million in his estate to Columbia University and establishing an Aboriginal Center for the arts at the University of Virginia. He founded one of the most important news corporations which he later sold and eventually became Fox News.”

As a result, the art fair organisation reserved a special project exhibition space for Aboriginal art, featuring Tommy Watson’s 5-metre long masterpiece Ngayuku Ngura (2013). Also, Piermarq hosted a lecture in the fair’s popular Collector Lecture Series, which was amazingly well attended.

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