Paradise is a Place was David Ryrie’s first exhibition at Piermarq. Photography has always been on the agenda as an offering at the gallery. Upon meeting David Ryrie’s work, it was a forgone conclusion for us. His work has a depth and painterly quality rarely found in the medium, so much so that it is easy to understand why his work so swiftly finds its way into collections dominated by painting. Through texture and exceptional composition his photographs warmly embrace, yet unsettle in the very same moment.

Exhibition Dates: 17 May – 3 June 2017
Opening Drinks: Wednesday 17 May 2017, 6 – 8pm RSVP

Paradise is a Place was captured in Glenorchy a small settlement at the northern end of Lake Wakatipu in the South Island region of Otago, New Zealand. Although a popular tourist spot Glenorchy remains, for the most part, unsullied by the trappings of tourism.

On David Ryrie’s practice, Julian Beaumont stated that;

“His art is not simply photographic. His concern with image-making has less to do with accurately documenting what a place or object looks like; the foundation of his art is in the significance and potency of the place and of the story that lies there, patent or hidden.”

In this way, Paradise is a Place not only captured the beauty and solitude of Glenorchy, but explored the way in which we co-exist and are eclipsed by nature.

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Installation view of Paradise is a Place



David Ryrie – Artist Statement

Glenorchy is ‘The Gateway to Paradise,’ and yes, Paradise is a place. I went there, I saw the sign. I’m not being facetious in any way. This part of the world is extraordinary and I wanted to know what it felt like to live there.

Much of my work explores the evidence of our existence in the world; the things we collect, the things we build, the things we do. It is all a part of the mark we leave.

Glenorchy is a small place; beautifully so. There is a sense of the natural environment still having its rightful pride of place, the bigger footprint. It is a place where you are reminded that mother nature, whatever her whims, will have her way and we have to respect that.

But I did notice something about living there. You can get used to the beauty, take it for granted. And while we will always engage with such places, we must do so thoughtfully.


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David, Ryrie, Waiting for the Flood (2016), 
Pigment ink on archival art paper, 
73.4 x 110cm (83.4 x 120cm overall), Edition of 4 + 2AP
David Ryrie, Road to the Lake (2016)
,Pigment ink on archival art paper, 
73.4 x 110cm (83.4 x 120cm overall), Edition of 4 + 2AP, 100 x 150cm (110 x 160cm overall), Edition of 2 + AP
David Ryrie, Picnic Table & Mountain (2016)
,Pigment ink on archival art paper, 
73.4 x 110cm (83.4 x 120cm overall), Edition of 4 + 2AP, 100 x 150cm (110 x 160cm overall), Edition of 2 + AP
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