9th – 23rd February 2019

Please join us for the opening of INHABITANTS, on Saturday 9th February, 3-5pm.

Kicking off our exhibition calendar for 2019, Inhabitants showcases work by three of our most exciting emerging abstractionists. Each artist is essentially process-driven, with their own respective way of solving visual riddles and challenging themselves to the point of resolution, arriving at a place where memory, experience and imagination intermingle.

McCully-Kerwick’s art is a visual representation of her mood, memories, and desire for serenity. Starting off with a pre-planned composition, the work more often than not begins to dictate its own fate, as she whittles away until the balance of her her abstract forms are ‘just right’ – balanced, bold, and potent with the essence if her subconscious. Whilst certainly considered, they are far from cold – there is a comforting warmth to both her nostalgic palette and her sensitive mark-making. She refers to this dichotomy as “Rough precision”.

Install shot – Inhabitants. Photo credit: Docqment


Brock Q. Piper’s process is more about the push and pull of gesture, tone and symbolism. One can sense that each multi-media layer informs the next, until its entirety has been resolved into one harmonious piece, the battle scars still visible.

“One can never know how a work will turn out. For me, I have always relished the battle that is painting, and endure to push my work to the brink of complete self-destruction in order to be as honest as possible within my work, while maintaining the ambiguity of abstraction. It is this distraction from reality that allows me to embed my entire consciousness into my work.” – Brock Q. Piper


Install shot – Inhabitants. photo credit: Docqment


Hayden Jackson explores his place in the world through embracing the unpredictability of his chosen medium, paint. Pouring litres of acrylic paint at a time makes for a meditative process: the artist directs the canvas this way and that to encourage pooling, yet must accept that the end result is always, to a degree, outside of his control.

“My work is an emotional response to my surroundings. Through colour, shape and texture I explore my relationship with the outside world. I draw influence from certain triggers in my life and outside environments. My work is also painted in an autonomous fashion, which, coupled with my own personal hyper-activity, allows my process to be set on auto-cruise.” – Hayden Jackson


Install shot – Inhabitants. Photo credit: Docqment



Please join PIERMARQ* and the artists for the opening of INHABITANTS, on Saturday 9th February, 3-5pm.

Inhabitants runs from 9th – 23rd February, 2019


Would you like to view works by any of the Inhabitants artists? Feel free to contact us at 02 9660 7799 or [email protected].

Also, we’re happy to say that all artwork can be acquired using ArtMoney: interest-free loans to buy art. After paying a 10% deposit you can take the painting home and pay the remaining balance over 9 months – interest free.

Hayden Jackson, 'Inhabitants 3', 2019, acrylic on canvas, 150 x 135cm
Brock Q. Piper, 'Composition no. 2', 2018, mixed media on canvas, 100 x 100cm
Rachael McCully-Kerwick, 'Five Ways To Make Friends In The Dark', 2018, acrylic & enamel on canvas, 180 x 100cm
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