Stephanie Têtu is a Canadian artist that burst on to the Sydney art-scene with her majestic oil paintings of flora. Têtu’s latest body of work Parade draws inspiration from her experience in the fashion industry, as both a model and makeup artist. She carefully considers composition and lighting to create a sense of drama as well as delicacy. Like fashion models on a runway her flowers emanate power and sensuality.

Exhibition dates: 8 – 25 November 2017
Opening: Wednesday 8 November 2017, 6 – 8pm RSVP

Stephanie Têtu, Iris the Style Icon (2017), oil on canvas, 180 x 200cm


Stephanie Têtu on her work:

“With this latest body of work, I have sought to create mysterious creatures, both uncompromising and charismatic. I am channeling the top models of the 80’s, but also the modern cult of beauty. I want my flowers to look like those front row cool influencers.

I’m often asked why I paint flowers as a subject, as they are so feminine and traditional. I find flowers fascinating. Like faces, they are forever changing; no two the same. I love their mathematical complexities, but also their fluidity. They are both technically challenging and forgiving.

Flowers are sexy and beautiful. They wilt and degenerate, as do we, thus a reminder of the fleeting nature of life.”

Parade showcases Stephanie Têtu’s incredible eye for detail and composition. It is a seductive body of work that demonstrates her ability to closely capture the ephemeral beauty and fragility of flowers

Parade opens on Wednesday 8 November 2017, 6 – 8pm, and runs until Saturday 25 November 2017.

For more info on Stephanie Têtu

View the online catalogue for Parade here

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Would you like to view works by Stephanie Têtu? Feel free to contact us at 02 9660 7799 or [email protected].

Stephanie Têtu, No Shrinking Violet (2017), Oil on canvas, 150 x 150cm
Stephanie Têtu, Succulent (2017), Oil on canvas , 150 x 150cm
Stephanie Têtu, Little Black Dress (2017), Oil on canvas , 100 x 100cm
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