Of all colours black is the most complex. Often regarded as a pigment devoid of colour, black is rather a conglomeration of all colours across the spectrum of light. Artist Maximilian Daniels uses this statement as an entry point to investigate the variants in the spectrum of black and the artistic processes of painting, gesture, form and colour.

Exhibition Dates: 15 – 25 March 2017
Opening Drinks: Wednesday 15 March, 6 – 8pm at Piermarq


Installation view, courtesy @docqment


The act of mixing paint is an intrinsic part of the painting process. To mix black; warm and cool primary pigments; blue, red and yellow, are combined in exact quantities. Hidden by its dark saturated pigment, spectral variations in hand-mixed black are not perceived as easily as in other colours.

The paintings in Variants are composed of layers of black paint at various stages of the mixing process that have been tinted with white to test their spectral variation. Uncorrected after testing, each black layer holds a tint towards the strongest colour present. The gestural application of each transparent layer creates an undulating surface that has both depth and flatness.

Maximilian Daniels forged each component of the process-based paintings from scratch. He selected and primed the canvas by hand, and hand-made all of the individual stretchers and frames to precision. The resulting body of work has a dramatic presence and a delicate, tactile quality.

Variants was an ambitious and challenging exhibition that brings the process of painting back to its essence.

Variants opened on 15 March 2017, and formed part of Art Month Sydney’s  Paddington Art at Night. The exhibition ran until 25 March 2017.


Installation view, courtesy @docqment 


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Would you like to view works by Maximilian Daniels? Feel free to contact us at 02 9660 7799 or [email protected].

Maximilian Daniels, Brief pause, 2234 (2016), Oil on rabbit skin glue primed linen (framed), 168 x 137cm
From the opening of Variants, 15 March 2017
Maximilian Daniels, Temporal overlay, 1645 (2016), Oil on rabbit skin glue primed linen, 168 x 137cm
Installation view
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