Gene A'Hern Australian, b. 1993

Australian artist Gene A'Hern's abstract works are an autobiographical illustration of his thoughts and discoveries. The process of reworking his canvases, giving them new life, taught A'Hern to embrace the uncertainty and vulnerability of artistic expression without fear of imperfection. Making mistakes is now inherently vital to A'Hern's artistic practice.


Upon being diagnosed with dyslexia, and understanding how it affects his vision, A'Hern began to explore the process of abstraction as not only a catalyst for his work, but also a mantel for himself as an artist. Automatism - a response that reflects the subconscious rather than the conscious - is an integral element to A'Hern's organic mark making process.


A'Hern has been the subject of three solo exhibitions with PIERMARQ*, Sydney, and has featured in a number of  group shows and publications in Australia.