Zara June Williams Australian, b. 1990

Zara June Williams’s practice is driven by curiosity in the autonomy of chance based processes and the challenges they pose to subjectivity.


Her works are produced by establishing specific parameters which enable the remnants of painterly actions to be captured. What results are surfaces that juxtapose the accidental with the intentional. Each work explores the relationship between chaos, control, the known and the unexpected. Unrestrained action and intuitive freedom are essential, but only because they are followed by reflection and refinement.


Zara June Williams’ work represents the way we oscillate between states of being–both conscious and unconscious–via an in-depth engagement with materiality.


The artist recently completed a Masters of Fine Arts at the National Art School and was granted the Lift Off Award to support her artistic pursuits in the year 2019. She is currently preparing for a three month residency at Pilotenkueche in Leipzig, Germany.