The Dream In Between: Caleb Reid

28 February - 24 March 2018

In The Dream In Between, Caleb Reid attempts to illustrate the inner language of his subconscious. The subconscious is recognised as the source of intuition, creativity, inner knowing and spiritual enlightenment. In exploring ideas of the subconscious, Reid takes his artistic practice closer to a pure source of play and abstraction.


The exhibition encompasses two bodies of work, one of reality and the other of dreams. The Infinite Ache a series of 34 small-scale paintings and accompanying texts explore the power of the human form to express complex emotions and real-world experiences; love, lust, passion and anxiety. These works are painted in a sensuous and emotionally-charged style that has become synonymous with the artist.


The larger scale works in the exhibition are the alter-ego of The Infinite Ache series in style and concept. These works exist within a dream-state; a realm outside of reality that is far more elastic and multi-dimensional than what is perceived by the conscious mind. In these works, Reid reshapes language into a visual code that is part cave painting, part childhood drawing. By camouflaging text in this way, he provides deeper layers of meaning while retaining the pure responsive and instinctual nature of viewing his work. These paintings are energetic and joyous, primal and alive.


With every exhibition by Caleb Reid expect to be challenged and confronted as he is an artist who refuses to conform to expectations, to history or place. At the essence of his talent is the irrepressible power to excite and elicit an emotive response from the viewer. The Dream In Between is no exception. It is a provocative and ambitious exhibition that is not to be missed.