In Sanity We Trust: Anthony Bennett

8 - 24 February 2018

Anthony Bennett’s (b.1966) work spans genres. Part figurative interpretation, part street art, part landscape, part surrealist touch. Like Warhol forty years earlier, Bennett began his painting career by detaching familiar imagery from its commodity-based universe and then transposing it onto the gallery wall. He is an artist that understands that we live in terms of images – famous images.


In Sanity We Trust explores the many faces of the Dutch Post-Impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh; the madman, the enigma, the legend. Vincent van Gogh painted over 30 self-portraits between the years 1886 and 1889. His collection of self-portraits places him among the most prolific self-portraitists of all time. He exists in the public imagination as the quintessential misunderstood genius, and his self-portraits are an important part of this legacy.


Anthony Bennett’s latest series of van Gogh paintings viscerally capture different characteristics of the so-called “tortured artist”. He uses vivid, often garish hues, along with exceedingly flamboyant brushwork, often interspersed between layers of resin to subvert previous notions about the subject.


Piermarq is excited to present this bright, bold & emotionally charged exhibition. In Sanity We Trustopens on Thursday 8 February 2018, 6 – 8pm, and continues until Saturday 24 February 2018. 


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