Pendulum: Terry Ekasala and Zara June Williams

9 - 25 May 2019

Vermont-based artist Terry Ekasala and Sydney artist Zara June Williams are both what one might refer to as ‘Painter’s Painters’. In essence, their work is about the magic that occurs in the studio through the process of trial and error, of having the bravery to make ‘mistakes’, and of sacrificing elements of beauty that are ultimately superfluous.


This back-and-forth in the studio is what gives a ‘Painter’s Painting’ its soul; like Diebenkorn or Matisse, Ekasala and Williams invite the viewer to bear witness to the creative process by leaving the ghosts of their 'mistakes' visible. Ultimately, these paintings could not have been made in any other way.  As Williams puts it: "Unrestrained action and intuitive freedom are essential, but only because they are followed by reflection and refinement."


Rather than transcribing an image from a detailed sketch, each step is informed by the last, a process which ensures that the artist will be as surprised as the audience by the end-result. This creative process indicates a joy for the act of painting in and of itself, this palpable energy being transferred and embedded within the layers of paint.   


Although abstracted, Ekasala's paintings are still undoubtedly inspired by the majesty of her surroundings in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom. Williams' work, however, comes from a purely internal place; her practice is driven by curiosity in the autonomy of chance-based processes and the challenges they pose to subjectivity. 


PIERMARQ* is thrilled to bring these two artists from opposite ends of the world together in one space!