SYNTHESIS : Moss Vale pop up: Maximillian Daniels, Zhuang Hong Yi & Rob Tucker

16 - 30 August 2019

At LUCI.D Interiors - 3/458 Argyle St, Moss Vale NSW.

Opening Hours: 

Please make an appointment: 0439474670.

PIERMARQ* and LUCI.D Interiors present SYNTHESIS, a group exhibition featuring Australian artist Maximilian Daniels, New Zealand Artist Rob Tucker and Chinese/Dutch artist Zhuang Hong Yi.  

Each artist has his own unique way of exploring the elemental qualities of painting - surface, colour and form. 


Maximilian Daniels applies up to 40 layers of translucent glaze to each painting, building up a surface that seems to radiate from within.  His abstract paintings are an immediate response to his studio surrounds, namely his large glass windows and their interplay with natural light throughout the day. 


Zhuang Hong Yi’s works are constructed from meticulously folded rice paper ‘flowers’, mounted onto canvas and sprayed with vivid colours from multiple directions, resulting in artworks that shift and change as one walks past them. In both symbolism and materiality, these works represent his two homes - China and The Netherlands.


Rob Tucker’s bold, distinctive and quirky compositions defy the old-fashioned perceptions often associated with still life. In reality, this subject matter simply provides him with a framework wherein he can push scale, colour and form to their limits.


Location: LUCI.D Interiors

3/458 Argyle St

Moss Vale NSW 2577

0408 814 183 

Opening Hours: 

Please make an appointment: 0439474670.