The Summer Show: Craig Handley, Maximilian Daniels, Matthew Kentmann, Rob Tucker

7 - 23 December 2019

Celebrating the silly season, PIERMARQ* is please to present 'The Summer Show' featuring the works of Craig Handley, Maximilian Daniels, Matthew Kentmann, Rob Tucker.   


Craig Handley works sparingly in oil to produce images of immense poise and delight. In his own words Handley sees his work simply as "a medley, a collage of all the things I come across while travelling about. They are rearrangements, a hodgepodge of places and objects and light.” In reality, they are so much more. His collective visual snapshots allow his works to transcend genres and blur the lines between realism and surrealism, narrative and observation.   


Maximilian Daniels draws upon the repeated processes and materiality of painting; the mixing of colour, the delicate layering of surface, and the application of gestural marks slowly develop as a unique respone to his studio surrounds, particularly the interplay of light and glass. Through repeating techniques used in his practice, Daniels creates work that examines colour and its relation to gesture and materiality. Each layer of material, primer and paint is visible as part of the superficial surface of the final image. The result is an image that holds both depth and flatness, and its own form of “temporal perspective”.  


Matthew Kentmann is motivated by his immediate environment at his home, which backs onto national park in NSW. Nature, particularly the daily visits from a variety of birds has informed his last three exhibitions. The birds beautifully break the formal elements of the landscape or painting and create movement in an otherwise static medium.  


Looking to capture his subject matter in a naive and raw manner, New Zealand painter Rob Tucker is passionate about the ideology behind the application and mark making within his practice. Tucker's ability to sculpt thick layers of paint on the canvas to create expressive and humorously kitch representations of still-life arrangements brings a unique sense of pleasure and ease to the viewer.   Please join us at the gallery on Saturday the 7th of December 3-6pm for a Paddington Neighbourhood party, to celebrate the wonderful year we have had here at PIERMARQ*. We hope to see you there not only for the wonderful summer show but for a couple of drinks and some nibbles! 


These works are available to purchase through our online store