Childhood Memories: Bertrand Fournier

13 February - 1 March 2020

Bertrand Fournier (b. 1985)  lives and works in France and has achieved considerable success throughout Europe including solo exhibitions in Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands and England. PIERMARQ* is thrilled to host his first Australian solo exhibition, Childhood Memories.  


Fournier’s paintings involve a myriad of bright colours and simplified abstracted shapes boldly arranged across the picture plane. Each new body of work is encapsulated by an overarching theme. This latest series, Childhood Memories, explores just that; memories from Fournier’s French upbringing, filled with humour, nostalgia and a certain retro wistfullness. The symbolism and abstraction within his paintings are paired with cheeky titles offering clues to the unfamiliar shapes and compositions. From the subject matter, the titles and colours it’s hard to not feel incredibly joyful when viewing a Fournier painting.


Daily Life is what inspires me, I try to exact the essence of things, how far we can simplify a thing while keeping its meaning. For this part of my work, I think that symbolism is the description that currently matches best. – Bertrand Fournier