VOLTA NEW YORK Art Fair: Doug Argue and Bertrand Fournier

4 - 8 March 2020








PIERMARQ* is thrilled to be presenting the work of New York artist Doug Argue and French artist Bertrand Fournier at VOLTA NY 2020.




Celebrated New York-based artist Doug Argue has been the subject of numerous solo exhibitions internationally, spanning four decades. His work is held in major public, private, and corporate collections including the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Walker Art Center and the Weisman Art Museum. In 2022, The Weisman Art Museum in Minneapolis, MN, will present a major survey exhibition of his life’s work to date.


Argue is a consummate painter, capable of prodigious works that straddle realism and abstraction. In Genesis, one of his three monumental paintings commissioned for the lobby of One World Trade Centre, NYC, Argue’s painting is veiled with sweeping swathes of crisply painted letters. It is as though we are placed “in the beginning,” witnessing a cosmic explosion. Argue has freed the letters from the Book of Genesis making them available for the next generation to reinterpret and recontextualise.



Bertrand Fournier lives and works in France and has achieved considerable success internationally including solo exhibitions in Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Australia.  


Fournier’s paintings involve a myriad of bright colours and simplified abstracted shapes boldly arranged across the picture plane. Each new body of work is encapsulated by an overarching theme. Each painting is imbued with humour, nostalgia and a certain retro wistfulness.


The symbolism and abstraction embedded in Fournier’s paintings are paired with cheeky titles offering clues to the unfamiliar shapes and compositions. His lush and intuitive application of oil paint is in pleasing contrast to the stark flatness of his graphic forms.



4 - 8 March

PIERMARQ* booth 2.26

Metropolitan West
639 W 46th St
New York, NY 10036, United States