26 November - 13 December 2020

We are pleased to present SPECTRUM, a group show featuring three contemporary abstract painters who each have their own unique approach to colour; whether it be through glazing, monochromatic fields or bold colour-blocking. These artists are François Bonnel (French), Maximilian Daniels (Australian), and Yvonne Robert (German, based in Switzerland)


Maximilian Daniels draws upon the repeated processes and materiality of painting; the mixing of colour, the delicate layering of surface, and the application of gestural marks slowly develop as a unique response to his studio surrounds, particularly the interplay of light and glass. Rich and nuanced colours are created through the accumulated layers of thin glaze.


French artist François Bonnel contrasts flat areas of white acrylic paint or raw linen with blocks of intense colour, allowing the push and pull of tone, texture and colour to create sturdy yet dynamic compositions. 


The bright and gestural paintings of Yvonne Robert result from an intuitive approach to colour and composition. She is steadfast in her commitment to universal concepts of form, mass, proportion, rhythm and structure, which constitute a common thread in her work. Above all, she is motivated by colour, and her use of it is practiced and studied. Recently, she has become more inclined to paint in monochrome, letting her loose and energetic mark-making suggest form and depth.