Backyard: Craig Handley, Matthew Kentmann and Gemma King

21 January - 7 February 2021

We are thrilled to kick off 2021 with three local artists who each have their own unique take on the Australian ' backyard'. 


Craig Handley's paintings are often depictions of Australian coastal suburbia rendered in nostalgic, faded colours. An unsettling feeling is captured through his use of digitally collaged elements borrowed from the various buildings, landscapes and figures that he photographs daily. These images are cut out and layered using animation software (Handley was an animator in a past life) in a way that feels oddly artificial, yet compositionally harmonious. Looking at his work, one gets the uneasy sense that the unnatural perspective is going to force waves to crash into a home's foundations, or that a figure eagerly leaping into water from great heights might just miss his mark.


Australian printmaker Gemma King lives and works on the family farm in rural New South Wales, in the small agricultural town of Walcha, set in the icy tablelands of New England where she grew up. 

King's work has a focus on mark-making, colour theory and experimentation - bending away from traditional multi-edition prints in favour of unique or limited editions. The effects of watching the farm change dramatically from day to day, month to month and year to year has inevitably bled into her work; a new farmer's insight to the harsh beauty of the Australian landscape. 


Artist Matthew Kentmann paints the birds that he spots in the immediate environment that backs onto National Park, NSW.


Kentmann on his practice:

"The birds beautifully break the formal elements of the landscape or painting and create movement in an otherwise static medium. Furthermore, I feel connected via subject to the history of painting. Velazquez, Turner and Van Gogh depicted birds as did artists closer to home such as Sidney Nolan and Brett Whiteley."


We are hoping to have a return to exhibition openings with this show, and will post a notification closer to the date.