DUOTONE: Paul Rousso (USA) & Zhuang Hong Yi (NL)

4 - 21 March 2021

DUOTONE brings together two established international artists who are both currently making sculptural wall pieces that share some unique visual properties.

American artist Paul Rousso has further enhanced the voluptuous quality of his iconic hand-sculpted wall pieces by coating them in an iridescent, 'shot-silk' finish, that shimmers and shifts as one moves around the piece.

Similarly, Chinese/Dutch artist Zhuang Hong Yi's ongoing 'Flowerbed' series is as innovative as it is sublime. Fields of hand-folded rice paper 'flowers' are mounted tightly onto canvas and sprayed from multiple angles with high-key acrylic colour. The result is a three-dimensional painting, the colours of which transition as one walks past. 

From subtle changes in surrounding light, to a small shift in the position of the viewer, Paul Rousso and Zhuang Hong Yi both create works that never look the same twice.