Inhabitants: Hayden Jackson, Rachael McCully- Kerwick & Brock Q. Piper

9 - 23 February 2019

Kicking off our exhibition calendar for 2019, Inhabitants showcases work by three of our most exciting abstractionists. Each artist has their own unique ability to use colour, composition and material-manipulation to convey a sense of place - often nostalgically - and without any figurative representation. 


Hayden Jackson (b.1991) is an emerging artist living and working in the town of Seaspray, on the south-eastern coast of Victoria, Australia. Jackson uses litres of acrylic and enamel paint to create loosely painted abstracts of immense presence and power. Across such a large surface Jackson is able to manipulate and control the movement of the paint, tilting and manoeuvring the large stretchers physically to convey line and depth.


"My work is an emotional response to my surroundings. Through colour, shape and texture I explore my relationship with the outside world. I draw influence from certain triggers in my life and outside environments." - Hayden Jackson


Rachael McCully-Kerwick (b. 1982) is an abstract painter from Melbourne whose works are characterised by the use of bold shapes, balanced compositions and often muted colour palettes. Completing a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts in 2005, Rachael trialled different creative mediums over the years before returning to the brush, but one element that has always been central to her work is her quest for creating harmonious compositions. 


"The simplicity of a composition (at least in the viewer's eye) and sense of harmony through balance and colour is hugely important to me. Maintaining a certain level of calm energy is a priority for me due to my tendency toward anxiety and panic, and I think this is why my work is quite minimal. It's a visual relief for my mind and I think this is what collectors have also been drawn to; we're all so bombarded by content on our devices and it's becoming increasingly hard to switch off - we all need time to just pause and create space in our head." - Rachael McCully-Kerwick


Brock Q. Piper (b. 1985) currently lives and works in Melbourne, VIC. Growing up on a farm nestled in the valleys of the snowy mountains, he was taught oil painting by his grandmother at the age of four. Piper's work is a personal reflection of his life experiences, aimed at discovering truth through an exploration of time, death, shamanism and nature.


"The importance of honesty and the execution of honesty within my work has been becoming more of a concern to the work as I get older. I am always fighting between having time to pursue all interests at once. But since coming to LA a new focus has been instilled in my work." - Brock Q. Piper