DOUG ARGUE: A masterpiece transformed

'Open', a new painting for Sydney Contemporary 2019

In anticipation of Sydney Contemporary 2019, New York powerhouse Doug Argue flew to Sydney a little early with the intention of painting over ‘Mapping’, a 198 x 305cm work from his earlier PIERMARQ* exhibition, ‘Transitions’. Working tirelessly day and night, he painted this masterpiece in less than a week, which was, luckily for us, just enough time to be presented at Sydney Contemporary.


This new painting, ‘Open’, seamlessly blends together Argue’s two ongoing series, ‘Palimpsests’ (referring to the layering of imagery as a metaphor for flux) and ‘Genesis’, of which three massive versions hang in the lobby of One World Trade Center. 


PIERMARQ* is thrilled to be able to present this brand new painting to the visitors of Sydney Contemporary 2019.

7 September 2019