Online Exhibition is now live!

'Ten Hours By Train' by Rachael McCully, Galina Munroe & Olivier Vranken

PIERMARQ* is delighted to announce the online exhibition ‘Ten Hours by Train’, providing our art collectors the opportunity to click and collect paintings from our website. In line with some of the most prominent galleries in the world who have paved the way for online art purchasing, we are thrilled to offer our first exclusive online exhibition.


The online exhibition will consist of paintings by Belgian born, Netherlands based Olivier Vrancken, alongside British Galina Munroe and Australian Rachael McCully, both of whom are currently based in Albi, Southern France. The exhibition title refers to the time it takes to catch the train from Breda, where Olivier is based, to Albi. All three are abstract painters whose work leans towards geometric minimalism imbued with textural and tonal nuance.

British-French artist Galina Munroe's work is imbued with an earnest yet playful exploration of the formal principals of painting in her new body of work. Organic in her process, Munroe uses rich textures to toil with the idea of destruction and construction. Layering neatly collaged pieces of canvas, Munroe creates paintings that harness geometric compositions and reference the 'inbetween-ness' of architectural spaces. 

Belgium born artist Oiliver Vrancken’s abstract paintings are a dynamic display of large shapes, gestural marks and a muted pallet. Heavily influenced by late Modern art and abstract expressionism, Vrancken’s paintings are a harmonious exploration of failure and success. Through the reworking of acrylic paint, Vrancken both scrapes away and builds up various layers to create a beautiful illustration of intuition. 

Rachael McCully’s primary conceptual focus is the quest to create harmonious compositions through colour and simple forms. Obsessed with the element of balance, McCully is guided by intuition and sheer enjoyment. The final result are paintings that McCully recognises as a visual relief, minimal in appearance and calm in energy. 

Please note: All artworks shown will be presented in a pop up exhibition at LUCI.D Interiors, Moss Vale, Australia from 30 November - 7 December 2019. This online exhibition gives you exclusive access to these artworks prior to the opening of the pop up exhibition. Any works purchased cannot be delivered until 9th December 2019 after the closing of the pop up exhibition. 

All pricing is in AUD and is GST (10%) inclusive. Not applicable to export purchases. 
Art Money is not available for online purchases. Please contact the gallery to arrange.

21 November 2019