Australian Artist Profile - Craig Handley

An Interview with Craig Handley, on 2ser 107.3 Radio

PIERMARQ* artist Craig Handley featured on this weeks episode of Australian Artist on 2ser Radio. The daily radio program presents a weekly interview with an Australian artist or creative, to share an insight into their practice, inspirations and influences. 

Artist Craig Handley spoke of his pathway from sign writing and animation to becoming an artist. Craig’s works sparingly use oil to produce images of immense poise and delight. In his own words Handley sees his work simply as "a medley, a collage of all the things I come across while travelling about. They are rearrangements, a hodgepodge of places and objects and light.” In reality they are so much more. His collective visual snapshots allow his works to transcend genres and blur the lines between, realism and surrealism, narrative and observation.


A new series entitled the ‘Leap Series’ by Handley will be presented in the upcoming group exhibition, ‘The Summer Show’ which will also feature the work of Maximilian Daniels, Rob Tucker & Matthew Kentmann. Please join us in the gallery on Saturday the 7th 3-6pm for the opening. 


We are also thrilled to announce that Craig will have a solo exhibition at PIERMARQ* Gallery in early 2020, please stay tuned for more details via our website, mailing list and Instagram. 


If you would like to listen to Craig’s interview please head to the 2ser Radio website:


28 November 2019