Rolling Into The New Year With A Bang!


Exhibition Runtime: 13th Februray - 1st March 2020

PIERMARQ* is incredibly pleased to present Bertrand Fournier's solo exhibition 'Childhood Memories' Fournier's first exhibition in Australia. Bertrand Fournier (b. 1985) works and lives in France and has achieved considerable success throughout Europe including solo exhibitions in Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, England and now Australia. 

Fournier’s paintings involve a myriad of bright colours and simplified abstracted shapes organised across the canvas surface. Dancing between oil, chalk oil and gesso, Fournier prefers to create works encapsulated by an overarching theme. The playful subject matter of Fournier’s various series range from ‘Childhood Memories’ (the title of Fournier’s PIERMARQ* solo), to ‘Golf Party’ the title and theme of his solo in Antwerp, Belgium. The symbolism and abstraction within his paintings are paired with cheeky titles offering clues to the unfamiliar shapes and compositions. Its hard to not feel joyful when absorbing the subject matter, the titles and the colours of a Bertrand Fournier painting. 

‘Childhood Memories’, Fournier's latest body of work, is a wonderful display of his ability to reduce objects and scenes that may seem unrecognisable upon first glance but together with the clues from the titles and the compositions, the paintings begin to make sense. Fournier invites us to share in both the melancholy and whimsy of growing up. This exhibition explores joy and happiness in the seemly mundane. Fournier brings light to rainy Sundays, comfort blankets, lunchboxes and cherry trees all of which translate into remarkable paintings.

Exhibition Runtime: 5th - 22nd March 2020

Maximilian Daniels is an Australian Artist living and working in Sydney, NSW. Daniels completed his artistic training at UNSW ART & Design in Sydney, where he finalised a double degree, one being his Bachelor of Arts in painting and drawing. His practice is an ongoing investigation into abstract painting and techniques used to construct an abstract image. His practice involves and interrogates traditional notions of observation, representation and technique.

Maximilian Daniels draws upon the repeated processes and materiality of painting; the mixing of colour, the delicate layering of surface, and the application of gestural marks slowly develop as a unique response to his studio surrounds, particularly the interplay of light and glass. Through repeating techniques used in his practice, Daniels creates work that examines colour and its relation to gesture and materiality. Each layer of material, primer and paint is visible as part of the superficial surface of the final image. The result is an image that holds both depth and flatness, and its own form of “temporal perspective”. Maximilian's solo exhibition at PIERMARQ* in 2020 will see a new shift in his practice leaning towards darker, deeper colours in the exploration of light and layering.

Exhibition Runtime: 26th March - 13th April 2020

Rachael McCully (b. 1982) is an abstract painter from Melbourne who currently resides in Albi, Southern France. McCully's works are characterised by the use of bold shapes, balanced compositions and now, a new shift towards witty, sardonic text and brighter colour palettes. In recent years Rachael's career has taken flight across the world, her CV for 2019 boasts exhibitions in the likes of London, Taiwan, France, Portugal, Melbourne and Sydney. Rachael trialled different creative mediums over the years before returning to the brush, but one element that has always been central to her work is her quest for creating harmonious compositions. 

“I’ve always been obsessive about creating balance. For me the biggest joy in creating a piece is solving the puzzle of the composition; starting with a mark, a shape, a colour, and seeing how the relationships change and evolve with each additional element… Agonising over a piece not working, just waiting for that moment of intuition where you suddenly know a tiny lime green dot is the key. I get a big kick out of the problem-solving process."

10 December 2019