Yvonne Robert

Introducing German artist

PIERMARQ* are incredibly please to present artist Yvonne Robert's work to the Australian audience. 


Yvonne Robert (b.1972) grew up in Germany and has now lived in Zurich for several years. She has exhibited internationally in New York, Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, London, Paris, Berlin and Zurich. Her work is held in private collections in the US, Spain, UK, France, Austria, Germany and Switzerland.


"Her work does not rely on socio-political rhetoric to lay claims to any form of philosophical discourse. She is concerned with color, form, and composition; and in that order. Her intention is to allow the viewer internal reflection; their unique perspective. After all, it is our individual perception that gives us clarity and a true sense of understanding."


"The often bright and gestural paintings of Yvonne Robert result from an intuitive approach to color and composition. Her spontaneity of conception and dynamic gesture is void of complex references and their associated meanings. Instead she is steadfast in her commitment to universal concepts of form, mass, proportion, rhythm and structure, which constitute a common thread in her work. Above all, she is motivated by color, and her use of it is practiced and studied."

Sascha Gianella

19 January 2020