Rachael McCully's chance-based process for text series

MONGREL | 26 March - 13 April 2020

Rachael McCully's abstract paintings are instilled with a very intentional sense or order, control and calm. Every element of each painting is carefully considered. With a desire to stimulate her practice, McCully has introduced the element of chance into her new text-based body of work, showing in her exhibition MONGREL (26 May - 13 April 2020).


McCully says:


I was thinking a lot about how much I like to control the canvas and create order and balance, and wanted to challenge this. So I started to think of how I could force my own hand by using elements of chance.
I started by painting swatches of all the tones I thought could possibly work together and then started shortlisting to get it down to 26 (see image). Then I started to refine and work out which colours I wanted to appear the most.
I was semi-methodical in setting the initial parameters but then let chance take over in the execution phase. It’s a very different process for me, and can be a challenge to let the colours sit however they fall - and I’ve been tempted to make changes to the schema at times - but am resisting the urge to interfere. It’s exciting at the end, as I never know how it’s going to look visually until I finish painting the final letter.
 Rachael McCully’s highly anticipated solo show MONGREL features works from three different ongoing series that she has been creating over the past 6 months, including her playful new series of ‘text’ pieces. They all share an autobiographical thread, as well as her signature bold, hard-edged forms and colour. The show will be installed and open via appointment, subject to NSW Health guidelines, and will be viewable online.
19 March 2020