Art Money

Making your next purchase easy - Interest Free loans for Art

Piermarq is pleased to provide our clients access to Art Money - making your next art purchase immediate and affordable, with interest-free loans available for artworks priced from $675 to $50,000. It’s simple: after paying a 10% deposit you can take your artwork home and pay the remaining balance over 9 months – interest free.

You can even use it for more expensive artworks, as long as the maximum loan is no more than $50,000. For example, a work by Tommy Watson is available for $55,000.

Using Art Money:
deposit of $28,000;
then 9 monthly payments x $3,000.

Based on successful loan programs in the UK, the Netherlands and Tasmania, Art Money helps you enjoy art, support local artists and galleries and contributes to the long-term sustainability of Australian art and culture. Piermarq is one of the first galleries signed up for Art Money and is delighted to offer this opportunity to its clients.

13 February 2019