Three PIERMARQ* artists in Danish Museum Show

Jordy Kerwick, Ces McCully, Henrik Godsk & Erland Knudssøn Madsen

How thrilling to see three PIERMARQ* artists in this four-artist museum exhibition at Kunst Bygningen i Vraa, Denmark! Congratulations to Jordy Kerwick (AUS), Ces McCully (AUS), Henrik Godsk (DK), as well as the legendary Danish sculptor, Erland Knudssøn Madsen. 

This exhibition coincides with both Henrik Godsk's hugely successful PIERMARQ* solo, 'Portraits and Passages' (15 October - 1 November), and the upcoming Jordy Kerwick solo 'The Three Month Dream' (5 - 22 November).


Our first exhibition this Autumn is named Figuration/Abstraction. Figuration is the design or creation of mimetic figures in the visual arts and is traditionally used based on the imitation of what is “real”; people and objects. Abstraction derives from "abstract", and in abstract art, the nonfigurative is the focal point - that which does not imitate real objects.

This exhibition shows works by the Australian artists Jordy Kerwick, Ces McCully, and the Danes Erland Knudssøn Madsen and Henrik Godsk, who all work in areas somewhere between figuration and abstraction.

At this exhibition, a visitor can expect to experience the abstract, the figurative as well as what is in between. Jordy Kerwick has had a fast-growing career in recent years and is best known for his expressive still life of flowers, vases, and cigarettes.

Bold forms and well-balanced compositions are some of the characteristics of Ces McCully's works, and she has stated to that she is obsessed with creating balance and gets a kick out of solving compositional challenges.

Amongst Henrik Godsk's most famous works are the portraits of women with androgynous expressions. In his work, he uses few shades and works with geometric lines. The exhibition also includes some of his more abstract works.

With his wooden sculptures and poem, where the butterfly is the motif, Erland Knudssøn Madsen confronts us with life's beauty, developmental stages, transitions, and fragility.

In this exhibition, the guest is invited to experience the space between the abstract and the figurative art of talented artists, each with their own unique expressions, techniques, and skills.

2 November 2020