PIERMARQ* Radio Interview

2Ser 107.3 - Rob Russell Speaks International Growth & Thinking Laterally Through Lockdowns

PIERMARQ* is pleased to share Director Rob Russells participation in a radio interview this morning with 2ser 107.3, titled "Art About Town".

As one of the directors of our Paddington Gallery, Russell reflects upon the history of the business as we move towards celebrating a decade since the inception of PIERMARQ* in 2022. In the early years, directors Rob Russell & Justin Callanan utilised their experience and knowledge of the art world to function as an art advisory for their Australian clients. Russell states that the decision to shift to operating as a gallery in 2016 was through a desire to not only build relationships with emerging international talent, but to provide an Australian audience an insight into a global art climate. Russell states "there [was] a really interesting way that we [could] start taking on some emerging and mid-career artists who are not being seen in this corner of the world from overseas”.

Since opening our doors as a contemporary gallery, PIERMARQ* has remained forthright in showcasing the most exciting & innovative contemporary art from the international arena. We continue to honour this exercise at the heart of our practice. Russell specifically cites championing the work of Melbourne bred, France-based artists Jordy Kerwick and his wife Ces McCully as an example; explaining that creating connections with international talent has "expanded into some really exciting ideas and some really exciting shows" and as a result, has grown "a really interesting dialogue with the artist and the clients”.

When asked about the current exhibitions in the gallery, Russell made mention of Adam Lester's first solo show 'Take Me to the River'; "Adam is an artist whose work we’ve always revered, the show has been really well-received". In discussing recent lockdown progressions throughout Sydney and greater Australia, Russell discusses the importance of thinking laterally, and being creative about the promotion of our exhibitions when being closed to the public. "We have these two beautiful windows that move directly out onto the street, so we’ve ... been rotating [works] to our local audience through those windows”. In addition to harnessing the potential of digital platforms, Russell emphasises the importance of honouring the loyalty of our local clients, to showcase works in an exciting way.



1 September 2021