PIERMARQ* is pleased to share German artist Yvonne Robert and Danish artist Henrik Godsk's participation in Issue 20 of Byron Arts Magazine. BAM fosters creative tales by featuring both established and up-and-coming artists. Robert’s two page feature touches on the artist’s history, her global success, and her current practice.

An excerpt from Yvonne Robert's feature in BAM :

Robert now views painting as an opportunity to break away from the basic principles of design she was educated in, “I don’t want to paint according to these principles, but rather to break away from them and paint as freely as possible. Always with the joy of experimentation and the incalculable.”


An excerpt from Henrik Godsk's feature in BAM:

Godsk’s human and animalistic subjects nod to various art historical periods; from the geometrically constructed church murals of Middle Aged, Renaissance and Baroque portraiture to early Modernist movements such as Cubism and Geometric Abstraction. Amongst this multitude of references, Godsk also masterfully interweaves visual vocabularies of our own contemporary digital culture in the flattened, vectorised compositions; that playfully skirt into a virtual realm.”

15 September 2021