Jordy Kerwick is one of the Most In-Demand Artists on Artsy

PIERMARQ* represented artist Jordy Kerwick ranked second as the most in-demand artist on Artsy worldwide for September 2021. The increased collector interest comes after Kerwick's inaugural exhibition with influential Vito Schnabel gallery in New York this September. 


Kerwick has captured the attention of art dealers, collectors & curators across the world; namely for his bold, raw and unapologetic approach to colour and media. Within his vivid, expressionistic and highly-stylised compositions. Domestic objects, and predatory animals seem to meet with seamless harmony. King cobras, tigers, and feather-maned unicorns populate his figurative canvases to create a contemporary folklore or fable that is playful, kinetic and arcane. 


In recent years, Kerwick has celebrated solo exhibitions with some of the most famous galleries around the globe, including in Sydney, New York, San Francisco, LA, Connecticut, London, Paris, Copenhagen, Cologne, Hamburg and Tokyo. His works are held by some of the world's most significant collections, both private and public. In 2022, Kerwick will present a monumental solo exhibition with Vito Schnabel Gallery in Chelsea, New York. 

5 October 2021