Henrik Godsk Featured In Netflix Campaign

Two artworks by PIERMARQ* represented artist Henrik Godsk, have been featured in a Netflix promotional competition for the art-heist blockbuster ‘Red Notice’. The film broke records for the biggest opening day in Netflix film history.

The scavenger-hunt-style competition entailed a search for 8 artworks, displayed on the movie’s campaign billboards throughout Germany. Participants were permitted to legally ‘steal’ the works in order to win the competition.

The 8 artworks were original works by renowned artists Henrik Godsk, Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg, Devin Troy Strother, Pablo Tomek, Stefan Marx and Stefan Strumbel. All works were successfully ‘stolen’ by Germany’s stealthiest art fugitives. As one of the most collected contemporary artists in Denmark, it is wonderful to watch as Godsk's career continues to achieve new heights. 

17 November 2021