Doug Argue for Whitehot Magazine

The latest issue of Whitehot Magazine features 'Doug Argue, Figurative Expressionist' by Art critic Donald Kuspit. The article explores Argue's early-career expressionist paintings exhibited at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis - a significant American institution;  "It was an extraordinary moment of recognition for a novice painter, barely out of college". 


Kuspit describes how Argue's work has evolved over the years, with monumental works acquired by major public and private collections including the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Walker Art Center and the Weisman Art Museum. 


"The Big Bang with which Argue began his career continues to reverberate, now with a new force, integrity, and authenticity:  Argue’s art, and with that Argue, for his art is the instrument of his self-expression, not to say self-creation, is no longer disintegrated and rancid, but whole and oddly wholesome."

13 April 2022