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Brock Q. Piper (b. 1985) currently lives and works in Melbourne, VIC. Growing up on a farm nestled in the valleys of the snowy mountains, he was taught oil painting by his grandmother at the age of four. Piper’s work is a personal reflection of his life experiences, aimed at discovering truth through an exploration of time, death, shamanism and nature.


Composition no. 2, 2018, mixed media on canvas, 100 x 100cm


Brock Q. Piper on his practice;

“As an artist, I am compelled to explore personal experiences and translate them into paintings, drawings and poems to express that which cannot be understood without the abstraction of creation. It’s about one’s own past being observed outside of context, and how we self-assess by exploring the past through our present understandings.

One can never know how a work will turn out. For me, I have always relished the battle that is painting, and endure to push my work to the brink of complete self-destruction in order to be as honest as possible within my work, while maintaining the ambiguity of abstraction. It is this distraction from reality that allows me to embed my entire consciousness into my work.

I am looking to create a visual poem through my work. Attempting to will the birds out of mid air, to grapple with them mid-flight. Working the image up in layers to allow the forms to evolve and dissolve on the canvas. As an exploration of self, I am dissecting my life as if it were a specimen pinned down to be examined, twisted and manipulated into its final resolution.

For me, the act of painting is one of dredging the past. A way of forging a visual story by conjuring history. It is a cathartic act of interpreting and understanding self and lived experiences. There is a little part of you that gets left behind in the work, like a shard of your soul embedded within the layers of paint.”

Brock Q. Piper is currently completing an artist residency in Los Angeles.

‘Inhabitants’, a group show featuring Brock Q. Piper, Rachael McCully-Kerwick & Hayden Jackson  runs from 9th February – 23rd February 2019. Opening night: Saturday, 9th February, 3-5pm.

Brock Q. Piper featured in our Summer 2016 Group show titled Rodeo Sideshow and had his first solo show – Travelling Light’ at Piermarq in 2017.  View online catalogue here 


Just where this freedom breaks, 2017, Mixed media on canvas, 110 x110cm



2019 Inhabitants, Piermarq, Sydney (group)

2017  Travelling Light, Piermarq, Sydney (solo)
2017  Loribelle Spirovski + Brock Q Piper, Metro Gallery, Melbourne VIC (solo)
2016  Rodeo Sideshow, Piermarq, NSW (group)
2016  Fenton and Fenton, Prahan, VIC (Representation)
2016  19 Karen Contempory Gallery, Mermaid Beach, QLD (Representation)
2015  Colours of Melbourne, Waterfront Gallery, Docklands, VIC (Group show)
2015  Emerging Art, Gallery 69, Melbourne, VIC (Group show)
2015  Opening, Stone Saint Moon, Newcastle, NSW (Solo Exhibition)
2015  Occupy, Project Gallery, Wollongong, NSW (Group show)
2015  Enter:EXILE, Brunswick Arts, Melbourne, VIC (Solo Exhibition)
2014  Portals + Poison, Howlin’ Wolf Artbar, Wollongong, NSW (Solo Exhibition)
2014  Illawarra Showcase, Tortuga Gallery, Sydney, NSW (Group Exhibition), as a part of ART MONTH
2014  While we forget to sleep, Howlin’ Wolf Artbar, Wollongong, NSW (Solo Exhibition)
2014  sketchbook showcase- 99, Beach-Art Gallery, Bulli, NSW (Solo Exhibition)
2013  one night from yesterday, Alibi Artbar and Gallery, Wollongong, NSW (Solo Exhibition)
2013  observations from EXILE, Global Gallery, Sydney, NSW (Solo Exhibition)
2013  Stock Room Showcase, Global Gallery, Sydney, NSW (Group Show)
2013  EXILED, Alibi Artbar and Gallery, Wollongong, NSW (Solo Exhibition)
2013  awkward fumblings of a failed relationship, Studio 19, Wollongong, NSW (Solo Exhibition)
2012  URBAN, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, VIC (Group Show)
2012  animals in EXILE, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, VIC (Solo Exhibition)
2012  Handwriting, Gallery 9, Wollongong, NSW (Group Show)
2012  Record Day, Gallery 9, Wollongong, NSW (Solo Exhibition)
2011  animals in EXILE, Gallery 9, Wollongong, NSW (Solo Exhibition)
2008  Ververy – Grad show, Project Gallery, Wollongong, NSW (Group Show)
2008  Drawn – Drawing exhibition, Project Gallery, Wollongong, NSW (Group Show)
2008  Cluster, Project Gallery, Wollongong, NSW (Group Show)
2008  Outdoor Art Show, Old Parliament House lawn Gallery, Canberra, ACT (Group Show)
2007  In Print – Printmaking exhibition, Project Gallery, Wollongong, NSW (Group Show)
2007  Outdoor Art Show, Old Parliament House lawn Gallery, Canberra, ACT (Group Show)


Would you like to view more works by Brock Q. Piper? Feel free to give us a call on (02) 9660 7799 or email us on [email protected]

Brock Q. Piper
Brock Q. Piper, Leda & The Aspersion of Medial Intervention, mixed media on canvas, 140 x 140cm
Brock Q. Piper, Born of flight and the passages of death, 2017, Mixed media on canvas, 120 x 120cm
Brock Q. Piper, Caravan Hypertension, 2018, Mixed media on canvas, 80 x 80cm
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