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JP Jones (b.1978 Wales) is an international contemporary artist and acclaimed musician, whose work has taken him all around the world. With a career spanning twenty years, Jones’ career in music has seen him tour the world with the likes of Chrissie Hynde, Lucinda Williams and Guns N’ Roses, whilst his art has been exhibited in London, Sydney, Paris and Chicago.  

JP Jones’ current series of work is motivated by his quest to marry his two greatest passions – music and art. His affinity for contemporary art evolved from an unwavering curiosity to create a visual language from the invisible patterns of sound. A technique, that has been welcomed and revered by the deaf community, due to its eradication of the confines of sensory limitations. It is from this fascination that Jones’ first ‘Sound Portraits’ collection was born.  

Install shot: JP Jones – Portraits of Sound, 2018. Photo courtesy Docqment

An auditory visionary, Jones combines laser kinetics with sound to create powerful patterns, shapes and lines representative of the original acoustic; which could range from the spoken words of I love you, your favourite song, or the sound of your own name. Jones then applies mass layering techniques, vibrant colours and a variety of textures to produce each piece.


The artist JP Jones at PIERMARQ*, 2018. Photo courtesy Docqment

Each portrait evokes a multi-sensory exploration of the mind, freeing curiosity from encumbrance. The result, a ‘visual celebration of sound’. Jones’ latest work combines portraiture with sound portraits, where Jones paints patterns of sound inside the human form.

Today, Jones continues to walk the tightrope that divides the worlds of music and contemporary art. Whilst his powerful and captivating works adorn the walls of some of the world’s most famous individuals, Jones still travels the world as a decorated musician. 


Catalogue, JP Jones – Portraits of Sound, 2018:


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JP Jones, Million Reasons (2018), mixed media on canvas framed behind perspex, 110 x 97cm (framed size) Sound Signature - Million Reasons, Lady Gaga
JP Jones, Rebel Rebel (2018), mixed media on canvas (framed behind perspex), 117 x 101.5cm (framed size)
 - Sound signature - Rebel Rebel, David Bowie
JP Jones, Dancing Queen (2018), mixed media on canvas framed behind perspex, 133 x 124.5cm (framed size)
 - Sound signature - Dancing Queen, ABBA
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