Gene A'Hern Australian, b. 1993

Painter and sculptor Gene A’Hern (b. 1993), is a graduate of the National Art School and a hugely promising addition to the Sydney art scene. As an accomplished drawer and draftsman, A’Hern’s visual language is not a rejection of realism but its sublimation. His abstract works are an autobiographical illustration of his present thoughts and discoveries. They explore his spiritual mediations, the impermanence of time and reflect the importance of being present in the moment.


A’Hern’s art-making process is intimately entwined with his dyslexia and discovering that the way he views the world is unique. Even after investing in dyslexia glasses, he chooses not to use them while painting, as the resulting work would be interpretations of a reality that is not his own. A’Hern’s dyslexia has taught him to embrace the uncertainty and vulnerability of his artistic expression without fear of imperfection.


A’Hern uses symbols and motifs found throughout his sketchbook as the catalyst for his artworks. Through his artistic process of disinhibited, childlike automation the spiritual motifs evolve; they reveal or change their meaning. The resulting artworks are honest, emotive and spontaneous. They are full of light, vibrant colour and expressive mark-making.A’Hern instinctively combines spray paint, acrylics, oils, pastels and charcoal in an unprecedented fashion in the making of his works.