BENNETT, ANTHONY Australian, b. 1966

Anthony Bennett’s work spans genres. Part figurative interpretation, part street art, part landscape, part surrealist touch. Like Warhol forty years earlier, Bennett began his painting career by detaching familiar imagery from its commodity-based universe and then transposing it onto the gallery wall. He is an artist that understands that we live in terms of images – famous images.


Anthony Bennett regularly adopts a close-up, frontal viewpoint centred against a single-coloured backdrop in order to emphasise the iconic nature of his chosen images. He uses vivid, often garish hues, along with exceedingly flamboyant brushwork, often interspersed between layers of resin to subvert previous notions about the subject. Bennett’s work is reminiscent of Chaïm Soutine (1893-1943), Willem de Kooning (1904-1997), and the great Francis Bacon (1909-1992).


Now living and working in Sydney, Anthony Bennett honed his craft in Brisbane alongside such esteemed names of Michael Zavros and Anthony Lister who are gaining international reputations. He originally received a Bachelor of Visual Arts (double major painting/sculpture) from Queensland College of Art at Griffith University Brisbane in 1998. Bennett is widely travelled, with time spent living in London, Rome and Tokyo working at artist-in-residencies. 


The veteran of near twenty solo exhibitions, Anthony Bennett’s rise in the world of mixed media is assured. Beyond meeting the eye of the most discerning of collectors, Bennett continues to see acclaim from both curators and critics. To date he has seen inclusion in the Archibald Portrait Prize, the Sulman Prize and the Wynne Prize at the Art Gallery of NSW, the Moran prize for Portraiture, plus numerous regional art prizes.