Craig Handley b. 1964

Craig Handley is an established Australian artist working and living in New South Wales. Inspired by his own experiences growing up during the social and cultural climate of Australia in the 1980's, Craig's work blurs the discinctions between realism, surrealism, narrative and observation.


Working sparingly in oil, to create a water-colour-like effect, Handley creates visual snapshots  of immense poise and delight. While his work seems to escape a fixed genre classification, according to Handley, his works are “a medley, a collage of all the things I come across while travelling about… a hodgepodge of places and objects and light.” 


Before pivoting to painting, Handley pursued a career in animation, working for some of the world's largest and most influential animation studios. In the last decade, Handley has held several solo exhibitions and has been shortlisted as a finalist in notable art prizes over 80 times including The Sulman Prize, The Wynne Prize and was the winner of Kogarah Art Prize (2015) and the KAAF Art Prize (2017).