Galina Munroe British/French, b. 1993

Galina Munroe is a British-French artist who graduated with an MFA from Central Saint Martins in London. Her practice extends within the parameters of a surreal and abstract world in which shifting shapes and forms illustrate the surface of her canvases. Munroe adopts an approach to painting that is both forgiving and liberating. She describes letting the work ebb and flow through it's stages, embracing mistakes and conceptual evolutions inherent to the process.


The artist has become renowned for her bold, tactile approach to materiality, Munroe uses layers of oil paint, a slow drying medium that draws out the completion of each work to anywhere from weeks to months.  Her loose, abstract method of layering means that her works only come to fruition towards the very end, similar to the life-cycle of her subject matter, fruit, vegetables, flora and greenery. Over the past year, Munroe has exhibited widely across Europe, including London, Berlin, Cologne, Copenhagen and Milan.