Yvonne Robert German, b. 1972

 Yvonne Robert is a German artist, living and working in Zurich Switzerland. Since pivoting her creative direction from a career in graphic design and illustration, to one of painting, Robert has exhibited works globally, including in New York, London, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Berlin and Zurich. In April 2021, Robert celebrated her first solo exhibition in Australia with Sydney’s PIERMARQ* Gallery; a sell-out show that inspired tremendous praise from a loyal Australian audience, who now keenly awaits her next progression of work. 


Robert has become renowned for her masterful knowledge of colour; the artist’s dazzling gestural canvases always marry a selection of vibrant hues with remarkable ease. The authentic spontaneity of Robert's mark-making stems from a self-assuredness that is grounded in both instinct and experience. In addition to growing up in a household of artists, her years in digital graphics have acutely trained her eye. Since turning to painting full-time, her creativity has broken free from the constraints of the corporate world. This freedom is evident in the sheer, uninhibited joy with which she builds colour, gesture and form on the canvas. Robert now views painting as an opportunity to break away from the basic principles of design she was educated in; “I don't want to paint according to these principles, but rather to break away from them and paint as freely as possible. Always with the joy of experimentation and the incalculable.”


Robert’s work does not attempt to engage in sociocultural discourse or to explore a predetermined philosophical theme.  However, these absences do not detract from the work’s profound value.  Rather, the artist’s attention to three essential elements - colour, form and composition - allows the viewer to reflect inwardly, as opposed to reflecting upon the world at large.  


Robert’s energetic works invite her viewers to relinquish control and immerse deeply into the experience of the art itself.  What arises from an encounter with Robert’s work is a tantalising sensory experience that introduces fresh ways of feeling.  This unwavering attention to practice and process is what gives the artist’s work a depth that sets her apart from her contemporaries.