Maximilian Daniels: Inside, Outside

30 May - 15 June 2019

Maximilian Daniels is an artist on the rise. Following on from last year's sellout solo at PIERMARQ*, alongside two very successful group shows at Sydney Contemporary and Auckland Art Fair, PIERMARQ* is thrilled to be presenting a new body of work which is a stunning and natural progression from last year's 'A Shadow On The Glass'.


Expanding his palette and compositional choices into new territory whilst maintaining his emphasis on the complexity and subtlety of natural light, Maximilian Daniels manages to achieve a level of depth in his paintings that so often belies formal abstraction. 



Inside – Natural light is allowed in through windows and can be controlled. Changes in light are dependent on the space we inhabit. Light is flat, predictable, and casts geometric shadows and illuminates linear spaces.


Outside – At dusk and dawn the most dramatic changes occur in the environment around us. Shadows are long, the even light we are used to is distorted, and the sky often holds a rich gradient of colours.


            Inside, Outside is a series of works that conflate the characteristics of natural light in inside and outside spaces. Compositions emerge through layering structures, shapes and colours that arise due to light conditions at specific to different times of day. The works are painted from these environmental observations. Direct gestural marks reference physical structures such as clouds, trees and objects. Broad areas of transparent colour reference atmospheric conditions, architectural elements, reflected light in glass or natural light in an indoor space.


            By sequentially layering colour and forms, delicate complex surfaces emerge over the course of the creation of each work. Subtle changes in colour and tone reveal themselves as the layers are applied. Each layer of material, primer and paint is visible as part of the finished surface of each work. The result is an image that holds both depth and flatness, and its own form of “temporal perspective”.


- Maximilian Daniels