Maximilian Daniels: The Time Between

6 - 22 March 2020

This exhibition is open by appointment on Friday 20th March & Sunday 22nd March. Please call or email to schedule an appointment on Friday or Sunday.

The gallery will be open from 10 - 5pm on Saturday 21st March. 


PIERMARQ* is pleased to present Australian artist Maximilian Daniels' fourth solo with the gallery, The Time Between.


"The Time Between focuses on times that are transitional. The times when change happens in light and atmosphere due to the time of day – early in the morning as the sun is rising and in the evening as the sun sets. These times are fleeting compared to the more consistent qualities that characterise the middle of the day and the night. They link the times that make up the majority of our existence.

The palette I have used in ‘The Time Between’ captures the feeling that natural light has during these transient times of day. The deep saturated tones and colours in the paintings convey a feeling of dusk or dawn where the landscape is faded, subdued and sleepy. 

Also objects begin to lose their sharp focus, recede and disappear or come forward from the darkness. Marks have been made at times during the making of the work that then become buried under the layers of paint, much as they do in our environment/s during these transient times."

- Maximilian Daniels


ART MONTH SYDNEY OPENING: Friday 6th March, 6-8pm

OFFICIAL OPENING:Thursday 12th March, 6-8pm
PLEASE NOTE: The Artist Talk scheduled for Saturday 14th March has been cancelled.