Yvonne Robert: Pinky Promise

6 - 23 May 2021

We're thrilled to present German artist Yvonne Robert's first solo exhibition in Australia, Pinky Promise. 


The authentic spontaneity of Robert's mark-making stems from a self-assuredness, grounded in both instinct and experience. In addition to growing up in a household of artists, years of working as a graphic designer/illustrator have acutely trained her eye. Since turning to painting full-time, her creativity has broken free from the constraints of the corporate world. This freedom is evident in the sheer, uninhibited joy with which she builds colour, gesture and form on the canvas. 


For Robert, each painting created is an investigation into the limitless possibilities of the basic principles of design, particularly colour. Robert has the instinctive ability to make the brightest of fluoros appear elegant; the most saccharine, bubblegum pinks look nuanced and cool. Pinky Promise presents example after example of Robert’s masterful use of colour; paintings that sing with vibrancy and sizzle with the energy from which they were created.  


Please join us for the opening on Thursday 6th May, 6-8pm.