Thorbjørn Bechmann Danish, b. 1966

Thorbjørn Bechmann's formalist style paintings demonstrate the process of layering hues and shades to create delicate veils of colour.

The shimmering, luminous quality of Bechmann's work sits comfortably within the artistic tradition of the Sublime.


These paintings are created through unrestrained action and intuitive freedom, allowing gravity, gesture and medium to work together harmoniously. Painted flat on the ground, solvent-diluted oil paint is allowed to flow freely, yet is harnessed, to an extent, by the artist's chosen placement of colour and form. 


Bechmann was educated at the Royal Danish Academi of the Arts. He has exhibited in Denmark, Germany, Istanbul and Japan and is represented in both public and private collections, including the Danish Arts Foundation. Besides his work as an artist, Bechmann also has an extensive curatorial practice.