Cannon Dill American, b. 1991

Cannon Dill is a painter living and working in Oakland, California. Dill’s loosely figurative style and energetic colour palette breathes dynamism and movement into his faux-naif conceived depictions of animals, figures and objects. 


Dill attributes the vitality of his work to his process of the brush being dragged over the canvas to create a “skipping effect” that the artist has described to his followers as “crunchy". Inspired by "crude pencil drawings", this naive, child-like aesthetic evokes a sense of playfulness that Dill is now widely recognised and regarded for. 


In addition to the 2021 exhibition, Curios, with PIERMARQ*, Dill has been involved in politically themed group exhibitions at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and, notably, the Museum of Modern Art.