Ces McCully Australian, b. 1982

Ces McCully is an abstract painter from Melbourne living and working in Albi, Southern France. McCully's works are characterised by the use of bold shapes, balanced compositions and textual messages.


McCully’s most recent body of work, The True Selves Project, comments on the ‘digital age’, as she acknowledges the cultural impacts of an increasingly online society. Her textual works delve specifically into the culture of curated content. McCully’s signature lettering spells out phrases that read as private thoughts made intentionally unmissable, with a vocabulary that could apply to robotic AI processing.

 In contrast to her text work, McCully’s abstract, geometric paintings are a remedy to the content overload experienced on a daily basis, as she takes an intentionally minimal approach as a way of finding freedom through limitations. 


In recent years, McCully has consistently exhibited solo exhibitions across Australia and Europe, and is actively involved in a group exhibitions both locally and abroad.