Jordy Kerwick: Outro

25 October - 17 November 2018

With shows in the likes of London, Copenhagen, Cologne and Los Angeles, as well as works in several prestigious national and international collections, Jordy Kerwick has already proven himself to be a painter of great substance and appeal.

Kerwick's unique compositions, tactile surfaces and expressive mark-making form the basis for a series of paintings that are as richly poetic as the literary references that often appear in his still-lives. 

Although his larger works are essentially abstract, there is still an implication of the domestic space, provided by both his compositions, which seem to reference tables, rugs, tv's or backyards, and his weathered surfaces, which feel as comforting as the family dining table. 

"Raw. Worn. Beaten, but loved. Life, stripped bare. Amid the chaos of family life lies a feeling of safety and comfort that I try to replicate in my work. Drawing on my collection of imagery of cultural markings and people, places and things, I like to explore beauty in its most organic and real state; stripping back the layers to reveal a subject in its most truthful state." - Jordy Kerwick