Jordy Kerwick: The Three Month Dream

5 November 2020 - 22 January 2021

We are beyond excited to announce the upcoming exhibition of international art star Jordy Kerwick.


In recent years, Kerwick has exhibited in Sydney, New York, San Francisco, LA, Connecticut, London, Paris, Copenhagen, Cologne, Hamburg, Seoul and Tokyo, to name a few. His work has been acquired by some of the most important contemporary private collections in the world and has been presented in several major institutional exhibitions internationally.


Artistically, Kerwick straddles the space between still-life, abstraction and landscape with intuitive ease. A naive approach to mark-making is balanced by, and contrasted against, a nuanced understanding of colour, construction and surface, which is undoubtedly inspired by the Modernist masters. Initially achieving recognition for his eccentric still lives, his ever-expanding visual language is now studded with a plethora of cultural and historical references, each given a unique contemporary twist.