Pink: Ces McCully, Gabriele Herzog, Maximilian Daniels, Rob Tucker, Andrew Salgado, Spencer Shakespeare

14 April - 1 May 2022

Pink is an exhibition of new work by Maximilian Daniels, Gabriele Herzog, Ces McCully, Galina Munroe, Rob Tucker, Andrew Salgado and Spencer Shakespeare. This is the first time each of the artists have shown their work together. Pink examines the artists' interpretations of the enigmatic colour:


A divisive hue with an ability to arouse a spectrum of emotion. Inherently gendered, the colour evokes notions of femininity, fragility & the constraint of binaries. Pink prospered in the 16th century as a status symbol, with French royals finding affinity with the frivolity of the shade.  With the rise of industry and the fickleness of trends, it has passed from sophisticated to cheap, vulgar and ironic. Pink is romantic, erotic, the colour of flesh. Pink is naive and irresponsible, carefree and optimistic. Soft as petals, hard as punk, solid as quartz. With wildly ranging connotations, pink is as playful as it is puzzling.